Thursday, October 7, 2010

Iliad Lapbook Pictures

I finally have a new battery for my camera. Yay! It sure is nice having boys that work at Best Buy who can get their mom an excellent deal. :) Now I can finally start adding pictures to my blog.

  • "A" is a scroll mini book on which I copied/pasted a picture of Homer. On the inside, Kyle wrote a short summary of his biography and a bit about the debate of the authorship of the Iliad.
  • "B" are two hot-dog books containing cards of many of the Iliad's main characters sorted into sides. Inside the matchbook cards are short descriptions of each person or god. I used flash cards from this website as my base to create all the cards in Photoshop.
  • "C" covers the influence of the gods within the story including a few examples
  • "D" lists which armies are fighting on which side
  • "E" is a pop up book listing which character killed whom
  • "F" are a few of the vocabulary words I wanted to make sure he understood before we started reading
  • "G" covers the difference between "arete" and "hubris"

  • "H" inside are notes he took from The Epic Hero PowerPoint presentation. You can find it in the side bar of the following link to Mrs. Capelle's English I Blog. On one side are his notes and on the other are examples from books he has read.
  • "I" is a wheel book. Each window shows a different convention that's found in an Homeric epic. The book then opens to show examples of each convention.
  • "K" contains two maps. The first shows Ancient Greece and the location of important cities including Troy. The other is a modern day map showing that Troy is located in present day Turkey.
  • "L" contains a variety of examples of the Iliad in art, literature and music
Matchbook Character Cards

    Inside of pop up - Achilles killing Hektor


    1. Wow! That is a impressive looking lapbook! We love Greek mythology!

    2. Incredible. That said, I could never get my son do one of those! He'd hate it. But boy am I impressed!